Chica Asado Negro Arepas


A Foodie’s Tour of The Venetian

The first stop is at the famed Venetian Hotel’s restaurant, Chica, whose chef/owner, Lorena Garcia, is the first Latina chef to open her own restaurant on the Las Vegas Strip.

With influences from all over South America, Chef Lorena’s food dazzles with its robust and vibrant flavors and colors.

Next, viewers are taken on an insider's tour of the underground kitchens of the Venetian. Master Chef Olivier Dubreuil reveals the impressive technology and cooking techniques that enables this landmark hotel to serve meals worthy of of a Michelin star to thousands of people — in one sitting.

Mon Ami Gabi Chef Vincent Poussell


Las Vegas’ French Connection

Chef Keller belongs to a special group of chefs in Las Vegas — known as “The French Connection,” — that is bound together by the love of French cuisine.

In this episode, The French Connection chefs go to Mon Ami Gabi in the Paris Hotel, their favorite place for a great bistro meal.

Then, a group of Las Vegas’ top chefs indulge in a multi-course tasting menu at Sparrow + Wolf, one of the city’s hottest restaurants off The Strip.

The chef/owner is Brian Howard, known for his innovative and delicious modern American cuisine.

Chef Hubert Keller in vintage Lincoln Continental in front of Piero's


Eating Las Vegas: From Old to New

Piero’s is a trip back to old-time Las Vegas where nearly every big deal went down over great Italian food and a stiff drink.

For decades, the restaurant has attracted the top movers and shakers of Las Vegas who demand — and get — great food.

It may be called Piero’s, but the owner, Freddie Glusman, is the force behind this legendary restaurant known for its osso bucco, pasta and some of the best desserts in town.

Going from old to new, Hubert heads over to the beautiful and modern Cosmopolitan Hotel for a drink inside the world’s largest chandelier. Renowned Las Vegas mixologist Mariena Mercer personally makes him a surprise drink.

Then, it’s a tasting at Momofuku, a restaurant by legendary chef David Chang, who has tailored his cuisine to the tastes and lifestyles of Las Vegas diners.

Chefs Michael Mina and Hubert Keller in the kitchen


Las Vegas Celebrity Chefs: Two of the Best

Hubert visits his long-time friend, Michael Mina, at his signature Las Vegas restaurant, known for some of the best seafood in town.

While both chefs are legends in San Francisco, their love of the restaurant scene in Las Vegas is apparent, as is Chef Mina’s great culinary talents.

Next, Hubert and his wife, Chantal, visit another old friend, Chef Jean Joho, at The Eiffel Tower in the Paris Hotel, one of the most romantic restaurants in Las Vegas.

Sitting one hundred feet above ground, they enjoy a spectacular sunset, the Bellagio fountains and a luxurious and perfectly executed French meal.

Chef Hubert Keller at Raku Japanese Robata Grill


Spring Mountain’s Secret Gems

Insiders and top chefs know that the Spring Mountain District in Las Vegas has some of the best food in town.

The first stop in this show is at Raku, a Japanese robata grill. Behind its unassuming and relaxed décor, diners enjoy authentic Japanese food cooked over binchotan charcoal.

Then, Hubert visits Chef Khai Vu, nicknamed “the king of Spring Mountain.” His newest restaurant, Mordeo, modeled after Spanish wine bars, offers a fusion of Asian and Spanish cuisine and a wine collection that draws wine aficionados from all over Las Vegas.

Esther's Kitchen Charcuterie


Great Eats On and Off the Las Vegas Strip

Hubert heads to The Bellagio Hotel to find out why it’s so difficult to get a reservation at Lago, one of the hottest restaurants on The Strip.

Lago is the creation of legendary chef Julian Serrano who serves up Italian food in small plates designed for sharing.

Then, Hubert heads off The Strip to visit Black Sheep, which is one of the most talked-about restaurants in Las Vegas.

Chef Jamie Tran offers up a Vietnamese-French fusion tasting menu to Hubert and Chef Tran’s long-time mentor, Chef Vincent Pouessel.

Esther's Kitchen Charcuterie


Culinary Hotspots in Downtown Las Vegas

Downtown Las Vegas is historic, hip and cool, and that describes the food scene as well.

Hubert visits two stand-outs: first it’s a trip to the oldest bar in Nevada, Atomic Liquors, where customers gathered in the 1950s to watch atomic bomb testing with a cocktail in hand.

While the décor is filled with historic relics from the ‘50s, the food and drink are all cutting edge and exciting.

Then, it’s a stop in The Arts District at Esther’s Kitchen, a popular neighborhood restaurant that attracts both locals and savvy foodies.

It’s the creation of star chef James Tree, a native Las Vegan, who honed his talents at Michelin-starred restaurants and then opened this casual restaurant that serves irresistible Italian soul food.

Rivea Octopus


Eating in Las Vegas: From Peru to Provence

Hubert knows you don’t have to leave Las Vegas to enjoy exotic culinary adventures.

In this episode, he goes to his favorite place for Nikkei cuisine at Once in The Venetian Hotel. Chef/owner Ricardo Zarate prepares authentic dishes from his native Peru, showing the magic that happens when Peruvian and Japanese food are married together.

Then, just a few blocks down Las Vegas Boulevard, he ends up in the south of France at Rivea, an Alain Ducasse restaurant.

He’s meeting with his long-time friend, Executive Chef Bruno Riou. They enjoy a meal with dishes that are bursting with the flavors and aromas of Provence in a setting that feels like the Riviera —all while enjoying one of the best views of Las Vegas.

Chef Hubert Keller's Birthday Bash


Hubert’s Birthday Bash

Hubert visits the amazing teaching kitchen of Southern Wine & Spirits, where mixologists come from all over Las Vegas to learn the latest techniques and recipes for creating the innovative drinks which have made the city’s bars and lounges the best in the world.

The series finale concludes with a birthday gathering for Hubert organized by Las Vegas’ close-knit culinary community.

It takes place in Hubert’s backyard where he has just installed an outdoor wood-burning oven.

Viewers are treated to an inside look at what chefs eat at their own parties, including a smoked whole pig. They also will get to hear first-hand about the closeness, cooperation and camaraderie that have made Las Vegas such a great place to work  for people in the hospitality industry.